FSML0001 - The Ringleaders Football Club

For its inaugural project, F.S.M.L collaborates with Montreal’s Ringleaders Football Club. The collaboration includes a photo book and a single-use camera designed by Art by J. Arthur.

FSML0001 is a celebration of the Ringleaders as well as Canadian football culture at large.

16% of every purchase from this collaboration will be donated to organizations that facilitate access to competitive football for young players.


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Football Saved My Life x Ringleaders Football Club - Lookbook Image 3 - F.S.M.L

F.S.M.L x R.F.C. 22/23 Third Jersey

Inspired by fan-style jersey culture from the late 90s, the F.S.M.L x R.F.C. 22/23 third jersey celebrates the art of bootlegs while paying tribute to the members of the Ringleaders Football Club — both past and present — that have played a role in making the club what it is today.

An interview with the founder of The Ringleaders Football Club - Image 1 - Football Saved My Life

An interview with the founder of The Ringleaders Football Club

Words by Ethan Gould

Finding a Canadian who’s been a soccer fan since the ‘80s is hard enough but finding one in a city that loves hockey as much as Montreal does is much more of a challenge. While a few were starting to consume their fair share of the beautiful game, Angelo Destounis was consumed by it. Like many of us, Ange played soccer from a young age. He even went on to appear at the provincial level for Quebec. But it’s not so much his playing days that got him to where he is today, rather than his desire for more at all times.